Let PRI's trained professionals gather, photograph, sketch, measure and report on the exact condition of the roof in question, so you can easily see and understand what damage may have occured.

Services Offered:

  • Full Roof & Gutter Inspections
  • LAdder Assists
  • Leak Detection
  • Xactimate Estimates
  • Interior Damage Assesment
  • Emergency Tarps

Full Roof & Gutter Inspections

PRI will come to your property and measure, photograph, sketch and inspect every facet of the roof no matter what size or steepness. Our findings will then be compiled into a comprehensive report telling you the complete story of the roof.

Ladder Assists

We can meet you at the property offering an extra hand and extra set of trained eyes. We will be able to give you a complete history of the roof while keeping you and ourselves safe.

Leak Detection

PRI's inspectors are trained in determining possible leaks from a roofing system. PRI's inspectors are more than willing to climb through attics to ensure that the source of the leak is found.

Xactimate Estimates

For an extra charge PRI's inspectors will perform a normal full inspection and then also write out the entire estimate for you.

Interior Damage Assessments

Along with extensive knowledge of roof systmes our inspectors are trained in the remediation of water leaks. We will photograph and measure the damages and then include that in our damages assessment report.

Skill Set

Precision Roof Inspection deals with structures of all sizes and difficulties. We have performed a number of inspections on buildings with high stories and varied steepness.